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With the view to enhance healthcare around the globe and reach as many patients as possible, Vita Vista is available to act as a franchisor. This means, that we invite individuals and organizations in various countries to approach us, so that we can appoint them as a franchisee.

While we already have franchise agreements in several countries / zones, we are open in many areas. We invite all such potential interested parties to approach us directly.

The eventual franchisee, after having signed an agreement with us, will be provided all the required data and the use of our brand / logo, to approach various doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and individual patients and promote our services in the franchisee’s area. Suitable remunerative packages are studied on a case to case basis.

Interested individuals / establishments can contact:

H. Monehar
Managing Director

+ 91 79 25511737
+ 91 9825015652


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"When you personally pushed my wheelchair, when you got into mud in order to keep me comfortable, it did not go unnoticed. Thank you Hafiz."

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