Career Guidance (ગુજરાતી માટે)

Times are changing.
The period when schooling ends and college begins is very essential as it is the point of your second birth. In the next few years, a student is engaged in studying something which could not be of any importance and this is why many wise people say that education begins when college ends. Technology, urban way of living, information, media and globalization has changed the way a career has to be chosen.
To cite a few examples the IT industry has changed completely in the last few years. What one learns in college is of no use as technology has changed by the time college ends due to the fast pace of technology and it use in our lives. In trying to become a doctor, one does not realize that he could end up being a student for life as medical science is a continuously evolving field. While one would like to be a lawyer, it is important he does not end up being a typist outside a court. Again a chartered accountant could end up working for someone who is more successful as he hardly looks at numbers. These are only a few examples. All the above, and many more, are just example of how a correctly taken choice can change the course of one’s life.
At Vita Vista, we realized that it is not important to undergo extensive and expensive training programmes to select a career as everything is a matter of understanding in a few hours or days. What is vital is understanding the below:
Interest Skills
Vision Goals
Financial capacity
Towards final choice of career
We have heard of many institutes, but are of the strong opinion that what is important is that every individual is different from the other. There are no two individuals who are the same and therefore one needs tailormade guidance from a counselor. At Vita Vista, we specialize in arranging counseling sessions not only for the student, but also for the parents who at times influence their children in either taking a correct decision for their children or sending them on the wrong path as they think from their viewpoint rather than that of the person for which the decision has to be taken. We assign the correct counselor in a very homelike atmosphere and in a very simplistic method. We assist individuals at any point & time to make an educational and occupational choice to manage one’s carrier. While doing so, we take into consideration:
1] The financial capacity of the parents,
2] The real interest and passion of the student
3] How best to capitalize such interest and passion rather than put the student through challenges and hardships for setting up goals beyond one’s ability
4] Advise on various fields which have maximum flexibility due to the time span involved between starting career oriented education and finishing
5] Keep in mind cultural factors which play an important part and this could be religious, social, gender or any other related factor
6] The time period which a student and the parents would like to study to reach a level of planned achievement
7] Social environment, lineage and past history of education of parents and siblings
8] External and internal support
At Vita Vista, we believe that one should pursue a career of their intellectual excellence and every individual has positives and negatives. Our counselors, through a session or two, if needed, are able to gauge and advise on quality educational choices.
 We also believe that the academic world is vastly different than the practical world and this is where we make huge difference. We pay equal importance to academia as well as the actual practical reality in the world and try to strike the right balance.
We have scores of examples where students have pursued careers which had nothing to do with their education. We work on the thought process of the student as if a doctor works on the patient rather than lecturing a student and what is good and bad in today’s world. At the end, the choice has to be tailormade for the individual and careers have no limits.
We also assist individuals with physical disabilities, illnesses or psychological disorders. We do not indulge in showing dreams to individuals. We rather help individuals in a journey of self-assessment. A decision properly taken at the right time can change the course of one’s life.


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