Consultancy Testimonials

Giancarlo Ragusa / Italy

I thought about India as a place where I could get holistic advice to find myself. What I found was Vita Vista. Only a few sessions were enough to find myself – the counsellor did a fantastic job by making me realize that I did not need any soul searching exercise, but a simple way to solve the equation of my life. Brewing with confidence now – thanks Vita Vista.

Akello Gethill / Kenya

I was a cancer patient, where Vita Vista organized my therapy. Looking back, I think which is now helping me to lead a life is the dialogue therapy with Vita Vista’s counsellor. He became my real doctor. In fact, I realized how incomplete my entire therapy would have been had it not been for the counselling from Vita Vista.

Ahmed Abul Adebi / Bahrain

I run a small corporate in the Gulf. I was having difficulties in getting my employees to reach their targets, not because they were not hard working, but because of the complex they had built around themselves. And then bingo ! I found Vita Vista – they counselled my staff – each one as per their different requirements. I got paid back the money I spent by seeing the increased efficiency of my staff. I am still wondering how Vita Vista achieved to get my staff work like a well oiled machine. Keep it up !

Addisu Desta / Ethiopia

Vita Vista aided me with two, not one problem. I had medical problems as well as some marital problems. While Vita Vista could help me with the medical problems, little did I know that my marital problems would be solved. It was alike a chicken and egg story – I do not know which came problem came first – what I do know is thanks to Vita Vista, both are gone now.

Nitesh Gowardia / NRI

My son had some problems at school. In the west I would not have been able to get problems solved unless I would have paid huge amounts of money. Vita Vista, not only found what was ailing my son, but after two years, I see my son more normal than a normal person – I think the key was simplicity. I am indebted to Vita Vista.


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"When you personally pushed my wheelchair, when you got into mud in order to keep me comfortable, it did not go unnoticed. Thank you Hafiz."

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