Facility Management Services & Owners Association Management in Ahmedabad (ગુજરાતી માટે)

At Vita Vista, we have introduced a unique concept tied to second tier cities in India. We have countless residential and commercial buildings, millions spent on acquisitions, seeing capital value being eroded due to lack of a systematic professional management. The concept and strategic advice for the system implementation is based Dubai with our in-house consultants being key members involved in owners association management as well as facilities management, abroad and in India.

As an owner one invests considerable amounts of money in buying properties, which easily loose 'real' value due to poor or disorganized maintenance as well as poor co-ordination among owners. As a ‘neutral’ professional company, we provide our services to ensure that the value of your property and your lifestyle improves. A systematic management of a building not only adds value but improves your lifestyle and ultimately saves on cost when analyzed over a period of time. The concept, with foreign backing, will change the way buildings are managed. Awareness is quickly catching up.

Briefly, we would categorize ourselves as a company engaged in :

Owners Association Management is one stage above Facility Management.

We have various methods which can be discussed with building unit owners, society representatives and interested parties so that our fees are not a burden on the building / society, but a value addition and above all, it relieves owners from engaging themselves into issues which are professionally handled by us and thus leaving them to focus on their daily businesses and activities. The neutrality and professional service also eliminates the disputes among unit owners within the building. The transparency in our services is an added attraction. The committee members of the building shall be in touch with us but we shall take the burden off their shoulders completely as managing a variety of buildings, we would have more time, resources and the ability to address problems in a more effective way.

Buildings and complexes abroad are managed by such qualified independent companies at a fee and we can proudly boast of being able to turn an international practice into something ready for you. At the end, the fees which are levied are not an additional cost as it is largely offset by savings, better management and value addition to the property.

The concept has started trickling in the commercial sector, but not in the residential sector where it is actually required even more, simply because owners have internal disputes due to difference of opinions among themselves. The society loses value. A professional independent management company completely eliminates all vested interests and internal politics which cause damage to the society.

The OA manager ensures smooth cash flow by holding back permissions on services. The bank accounts are in the names of the societies ( as office bearers like the chairman, secretary and treasurer shall be there ), but the management company takes over all the hassles of daily management. The process is fully transparent.

While this concept may be found to be new in Ahmedabad, it has started off in many countries years back. The results of how buildings are managed and the increase in value of such building is for all to see. We are glad to inform you that our knowhow derives from a Dubai based company and the Chairman of one giant multi-use building   ( residential / commercial and retail ) is our pioneering consultant. Our complete technical knowhow package comes from Reliance Owners Association Management (ROAM) – Dubai.

Our approach has been to visit the site, hold brief discussions with key persons, ask for their financial statements and budgets, basic building data and then provide them our suggestions on how costs can be saved in course of time as well as increase the value of the property. Professionally prepared budgets are more effective than budgets which are not workable and which are prepared on ‘as needed’ basis which end up destroying the value of the asset. Waste on all counts is reduced and energy saving techniques are suggested and implemented.

We have moved from scooters to cars and shops to departmental stores and malls, so why are we waiting to move from adding value to our most valuable purchases – our homes ? We would modestly like to guarantee that you shall be happy to have your buildings display a sign “Managed by Vita Vista’.


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