As part of OWNERS ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT we also provide consultancy services on a case to case basis at a fixed flat fee which can be discussed depending on the issue to be resolved:

Such disputes can be:
A] Disputes on leakage and party responsible for payment, like which flat owner or society / builder - this shall be done with our experience in finding practical solutions with a recommendation , if need be also with a legal opinion which we shall arrange. Otherwise, we will engage our technical experts for an opinion and adjudicate our summary to the society or the parties involved in the dispute. This can include cracks, leaning of walls, or other damages, besides leaks.
B] Consultancy on how to regulate parking lots and monitor - We will provide a plan at a fee and then society would need to follow up on their own
C] Special consultation on energy saving - we will prepare a plan on Lift management, Electricity consumptions and which to keep open when and for whose benefit.
D] We will provide opinion on regulation of water - like who benefits from motor usage, etc
E] We will arrange society meetings and we will even attend the same as an observer
F] We shall get the minutes of the meeting prepared if required and also provide our opinion for a small fee during meetings.
G] We will provide assistance in setting up a budget allocation - for example all flats big and small should not pay the same fee - we will look at the building and suggest a maintenance charge.
H] We also provide our Services to obtain certain permissions where society members have no time
I] We help to organize one time AGA's in a neutral manner - thus also hold fair and impartial elections
J]We also provide legal assistance through specialized lawyers for non payments or to issue summons / etc
K] We prepare reports for distribution to all society members from data supplied to us.

Vita Vista, as part of its OAM services, provides one time consultancy fees for specific requirements by society members. Examples of such services could be of technical, legal or social nature which can be explained further in detail. VITAVISTA charges a nominal flat fee for such services.


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