At Vita Vista, as part of our activities, we specialize in counselling of different modes.

Counselling is a word which usually people look to corelate with psychologists and psychiatrists.‘Absolutely wrong’, you need someone who understands you and sums up all the above with an approach which is direct and different from person to person. We at Vita Vista, have provided great relief to our clients, who comprise of medical patients, employees, students or individuals.

Medical Counselling

Our overseas patients have found counselling to be very supportive for a speedy recovery andmany of them almost found it as almost indispensable. We have found that more and more patients in India, after recovering post a surgery or a severe trauma need counselling from a simplistic concept, which is provided by Vita Vista. Counselling, as provided by Vita Vista, makes a huge difference to one’s life. Our clients in Kenya, Ethiopia, Eastern Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Italy have benefited a lot. Our Indian patients are now finding the value of this concept. Patients need inspirational counselling – post surgeries, during traumas or while undergoing severe stress or mental disturbances such as depressions and a lack of self-esteem.Clinics and doctors are now availing of our counselling services for their patients, as we strike the right balance between scientific and holistic counselling.

Our expertise lies in counselling after discharge from hospitals, during their stay in hospitals while keeping in touch with the doctors as well as family members. We have found great success in fighting various types of addictions – whether it is from tobacco, alcohol or any inherent habit which needs to be broken. We go beyond and extend counselling to family members as well, which is highly needed to avoid the illness to spread mentally to others in the family. This is a verbal medicine. Using simple language to explain complicated medical diagnosis and prognosis to patients is done via counselling.

Career Counselling

We provide motivational counselling. Motivation is a medicine by itself – the difference is that we help you to not only believe in yourself, but to try and bring out the best in you so you can either achieve your goals in life or simply ‘live’ a life which you have always inspired. We help you to believe in yourself.

Lack of motivation is seen in many areas. We develop individuals to motivate and inspire themselves through a number of courses or simple sessions. Our clients are corporates who would want their employees to develop their skills, alter behavioral attitude and be inspired at their work places. Likewise, individuals who are employees take advantage of our sessions as in this quick paced world, confidence building is vital. When done in a modest way, as we do, the difference is felt. Work place issues are easily resolved. For employers, it achieves maximum efficiency, whereas for employees it helps to optimize their level of diligence. Personality development, simple but elegant presence, communication is greatly improved and clarity in the mind assists the individual.

Student Counselling

Children and students, today, need professional help to walk in their lives with a high level of confidence. We compliment parenthood by suggesting and conducting mutual discussions with children of various ages as well as students. Distraction, lack of eagerness to pursue studies or cases which need special attention, are all areas which we have addressed. This has been done through schools / pre-schools or directly with the children, wherever parents have required. We always emphasize that a bolder approach to life and surrounding circumstances is easily achieved by our counselling techniques.

Career choice at various stages of life is also which many of our clients have engaged us. Difficult choices are rendered simple as we work on humble logic, rather than complex approaches which leads to more confusion.

Social counselling

Everyone of us in our different walks of life encounters phases of difficulty. It could be misunderstandings with your married partner, your business partner, friends or loved ones. An external hand like Vita Vista which is a bridge between a sophisticated psychiatrist and no one to help in such situations, has shown very positive results. The simple reason of being able to assist such individuals is our innovative way of looking at the problem by giving time and being able to provide guidance as a family member. In foreign countries, this concept has reached huge proportions and we are now seeing India catching up. It is not like talking to a doctor or lawyer, but like sharing with someone who understands the problem is the most artless fashion.

Life is short. The sooner one realizes the value of it, the better it is. Through our simple methods of counselling, we help our clients to reach their goals and improve their lives. It is neither holistic or religious, nor it is heavily scientific. It works on meek adaptions of methods, which looking back, one will find as effortless.

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At Vita Vista, as part of our activities, we specialize in counselling of different ...

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